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"A good contractor is not just important but extremely important. It is important to work with someone who can tell You how to do it properly, efficiently design, properly plan the project to account for all the pitfalls. We do projects of any complexity and any size for the past 11 years. More than 80 percent of clients come back to us again and again. Come to us, and we will do the project, thinking not only about the project as a whole, but that You personally feel comfortable, it is easy and convenient with us"


General Director, Evgeny Barabash.


The company "NEONLAB" specializiruetsya on the development and production of designs for outdoor advertising. The main direction of our activity is the production of neon products, such as light boxes, roof installation and other types of signage, can also offer a wide range of works on the router.


Our values:


1.       Leadership. For any request we will find a solution.

2.       Effective project management and professionalism.

3.       We love our customers. Make them gifts and special offers.

4.       Sustainable development. We are looking for new solutions and approaches. Teach clients.

5.       Clean and tidy. (on the table in the workshop documents)

6.       We appreciate the involvement and respect for the company and its employees.


Modern advertising is designed not only to attract the attention of buyers, but also to shape a positive image of the consumer, stimulating his repeated appeal to one or another company. And three-dimensional letters, and other neon signs contribute to this the most.


"NEONLAB" produces designs for decorations of high quality that are not only spectacular appearance, but also durability. We provide the opportunity for customers to realize the most daring and original ideas. Any non-standard solutions are implemented quickly and efficiently thanks to the experience and professionalism of the staff "NEONLAB". The company also offers assistance in the installation of. The specialists of "NEONLAB" will set a sign efficiently and reliably, guaranteeing its long operation. All products we provide service and warranty service.

 The range of offered services in production and installation of outdoor advertising company "NEONLAB" is quite broad: the making of neon, volumetric letters, light boxes, neon any advertising, regardless of complexity and specificity.

The main task which is put before the experts of "NEONLAB" — create a bright, attractive image of the company using the tools of outdoor advertising. Neon is one of the most popular and presentable versions of external information block, designed to establish effective contact with a potential customer.
The company "NEONLAB" offers only high-quality light boxes, volumetric letters and other products from neon, manufactured in accordance with all modern requirements for outdoor advertising. The range of our services is not limited to the production of elements of outdoor advertising. We are always happy to offer its clients services of an experienced milling machine operator and installer of outdoor advertising. All the products of the company "NEONLAB" covers service and warranty service.

We look forward to working with you, contact us anytime, we will select the best solution for You!

Waiting for Your call on: +7 (495) 972-7818

Will answer your letters on the e.mail: info@neonlab.ru

With best regards, NeonLab


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